Video: These Golf/Shotgun Trick Shots Are Not Your Grandfather’s Idea of Firearm Safety


Some find peace on the links during a morning round of golf, while others prefer to test their aim on the gun range. But who ever said the two sports can’t combine as one?

Reminiscent of the trick shot videos we’ve seen from Dude Perfect, The Gould Brothers have the same knack for trick shots, except theirs have bit more firepower behind them.

The two brothers are experts at shotgun trick shots, and now they travel across the country performing one of a kind live exhibition shows and producing crazy trick shooting videos like the one you are about to see:

As impressive as that video was, these guys ended up catching a bit of flak for this video.

See, some folks had an issue with the firearm safety – or lack there of – promoted in this video, which sparked thousands of negative comments on social media.

Being that these two are professionals and this was shot at a gun range with nobody else around, do you feel videos like this do harm or good for the sport?

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