You might know Barry Pepper for his roles in ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘True Grit,’ ‘Titanic’ and many other hit movies he starred in, but you probably didn’t know he’s also a fairly accomplished blacksmith.

Barry Pepper reveals in this video, that for each project he works on he likes to bring something personal to the character he portrays.

Whether it’s a ring, necklace or a knife he designed himself in his own “smithy,” as he calls it, he likes to have a part in designing something personal for every project.

In the video, Pepper shows off a couple knives he created for rolls such as Lucky Ned Pepper in ‘True Grit’ and Private Jackson in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ He also gives us a tip on a couple upcoming projects he’s working on, one of which being his role as Vince in the upcoming film ‘Maze Runner.’

For that role, Pepper has plans to turn an old railroad spike into a “badass, post apocalyptic knife.”

Take a look to see his fine craftsmanship and what he’s currently working on in the video below:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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