This ‘Inked Up’ Blue Marlin Is Confusing Many People: Let us Explain


Bizarre photos of a “tattooed” marlin have been going around recently and the internet is completely baffled over them.

The huge marlin was caught last week in the Philippines and conspiracy theories have been building ever since. Everything from aliens, to “fish prison” have been thrown out there, but the angler who caught the fish has a much simpler explanation.

According to Awesome Ocean, Zosimo Tano was responsible for reeling in the 52-pound blue marlin, and he’s also responsible for the fish’s new “ink.”

See, after getting the marlin on board Tano covered the fish with his shirt, which has a very familiar pattern on it.

This phenomenon is likely due to the marlin’s unique ability to change color. Marlin are capable of changing sections of their skin at a time from navy blue to a stunning bright blue in seconds, a tactic used while hunting to stun its prey.

Sorry folks, no aliens here, just another example of how awesome nature is!

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