Here’s a cute feel good story going around the internet lately.

Officer Tim Majek, of the Woodbridge, New Jersey Police Department has a history of saving deer during his 21 years as a Woodbridge police officer, but this might be his cutest rescue yet.

This time around, it was a small fawn that was in need of his heroics, and officer Majek lived up to his reputation:

Like we said, this wasn’t Tim’s first go around saving a deer from a sticky situation – You don’t get a nickname like the deer whisperer for nothing.

Last year, Tim made two dramatic deer rescues saving a couple bucks who were tangled in some netting:

Then, just a few months later, Officer Majek received another deer in distress call:

Nobody likes to see these animals in distress like that, especially hunters who admire them so much. For that reason, we applaud you Officer Majek. Well done!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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