Video: Massive Stingray Catch Causes Scuffle on Boardwalk


An angler fishing off the Sunglow Pier in Daytona Beach, Florida, was involved in a scuffle on the boardwalk after some bystanders were angered by the fisherman’s catch.

Rebecca Krawczk, who was at the beach that day, took a video of the fisherman reeling in a massive roughtail stingray, and that’s when folks started to get testy. Fox News reports some people weren’t happy with the angler, and they asked him to throw the stingray back; some even tried to take it from him.

Capt. Mike Berard with Volusia County Beach Patrol confirmed roughtail stingrays aren’t protected, and it was a completely legal catch. But that certainly didn’t matter to some ignorant people, and it didn’t stop them from harassing the fisherman, either.

“From what I understand, I think somebody dumped a bucket of water on somebody else, and then there may have been some shoving,” Capt. Berard said.

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