Video: This Lady Can Tie A Cleat Hitch One-Handed Faster Than You


If you work a job long enough, you start to learn little tricks of the trade that only come from years of experience and repetitions. For instance, a professional basketball player who can hit a shot from seemingly anywhere inside the gym, or a chef who is a master with a pair of tongs and a spatula in his hands.

In this video, coming from Clearwater Beach, Florida, we meet a dock line handler who clearly has a few years tying cleat hitches under her belt.

If you’re in the area, you have to check out Frenchy’s Rockway Grill where you can enjoy ocean views, a nice cold one and a buffalo grouper sandwich, AND get a quick lesson in tying a cleat hitch. We want to make sure to put emphasis on the word quick here, take a look to see what we mean:

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