Video: Shed Hunting Accident Ends With Horse Impaled by Antler


Out searching for sheds? You need to watch out for the pointy end….

As a veterinarian, you see a lot of strange things and receive several head scratching calls to help ailing animals, and yet you still see something new every day.

“Hey Doc. If you have time today while you’re out on calls, would you mind coming by and take this deer antler out of my horses’ ass??!”

That was the post on Thompson Veterinary Services Facebook page along with with 4 images that show a deer antler impaled in the back of a horse.

The images are below: (Warning, some might find them disturbing)

There’s also a video which shows the antler being removed, and the post reads:

“Here’s the video of us removing the antler. Again, this horse has been sedated, & a local anesthetic was administered around the entry wound. 2 small skin incisions were made at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to help “loosen”, & allow easier removal. Once removed, the wound was irrigated with a dilute cholorhexidine solution, then plugged with an antibiotic/DMSO impregnated tampon. Hey,it works!!! Enjoy the video. Dr.T Thompson Veterinary Services.”

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