GRAPHIC VIDEO: Florida Woman Shoots Python With Glock To Save Her Goat


When a 12-foot python tried to eat one of this Florida woman’s goats, she opened up a can of whoop @$$ on it!

Rachel Elizabeth Valverde, a Florida woman who reportedly lives near Naples, Florida came across a giant 12-foot python wrapped tightly around one of her goats. As you’re about to find out, she doesn’t take kindly to someone, or something messing with her livestock.

Valverde shot the following video of her unleashing a few rounds into the snake and it has since received a lot of attention online.

With these huge snakes basically constricting everything in sight down in the sunshine state, it’s safe to say that Floridian’s will be keeping a close watch on their livestock from here on out.

In the video, Valverde shoots the snake several times before eventually killing it, viewer discretion is advised:

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