Dale Pearson, of Pearson Brothers Winery, noticed something big splashing in the water outside his vacation home, and ends up stunned by what he discovers.

At first, Dale and a friend assume it’s a hammer head feeding on sting rays in the shallow water, but when Dale gets closer – perhaps a little too close – he finds out it’s an enormous white shark that had been injured by a propeller.

Dale gets within only a few feet of the beast from the deep and gets an up close and personal demonstration of how powerful these animals are.

As Dale observed the shark, two visible propeller injuries became apparent on it’s back below the dorsal fin.

After finding out the shark was not entangled in any netting, Dale and his friend left the shark in the shallow water. The animal was injured, but had control of where it was, and where it was going. It’s likely the shark was intentionally in the shallow water in search of food – Hence the stingray injuries that Dale and his friend suffered.

Here is the video that shows the entire encounter:

(WARNING video contains strong language that is NSFW, viewer discretion is advised)

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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