It appears PETA has hit a groundbreaking new low. . . Wait until you hear this.

The animals-rights group released a disturbing video recently that illustrates a cat being beaten by its owner. Don’t worry, the video is totally fake and is actually CGI meant to deceive any viewers that might watch it.

The real disgusting part here, is PETA has been going around to various media outlets – such as Mashable – trying to convince them to cover the video and, you know, just forget to mention that the video isn’t real. In other words, they hoped to falsely manufacture an avalanche of backlash and deceive thousands of people all to the benefit of their organization.

As a hunter and an animal lover, this is just backwards thinking that seems impossible to comprehend. We are not going to embed the video due to legal concerns and because it’s terribly disturbing, but here’s a screenshot from the video that shows how realistic it appears:

(You can view the video here, but caution, some people might find it disturbing)




Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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