That feeling you get of someone or something watching you is an unsettling feeling, especially if you get it while exploring in the woods.

That was the feeling Jacob Gardiner got while he was walking along the hiking trails in La Crescenta, and that’s when he started filming. Although, it wasn’t until he later reviewed the tape that he discovered what might have been watching him.

In the video, Gardiner captured something up in the trees swinging from branch to branch, and then it hit him. He said, “that must have been what I heard and what was making me feel uneasy.”

It was at that point Gardiner decided to take his finding to California Fish and Wildlife officer Andrew Hughan.

Hughan, in an attempt to apply logic to the situation, said, “we’ve had this before where we get ecotic pets and people can’t take care of them, so they either let them go or they escape,” CBS LA reports.

In the mean time, others have jumped the gun to suggest what might be out there lurking in those Los Angeles woods:

Here’s the video of this strange sighting for you to review yourself:

What do you think? Is this the latest big foot sighting or just a pet ape that lost it’s way?

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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