Father’s Day 2017 is Sunday, June 18, and there’s still time to buy a great gift for a great dad. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. Below you’ll find five outstanding outdoor-themed ideas, with products ranging in price from $2 to $200. Happy Father’s Day!


Custom Jigs & Spins Rotating Power Minnow

Want to help Dad put more fish in the boat (or on the ice)? The Custom Jigs & Spins’ Rotating Power Minnow (RPM, below) catches everything that swims. Plus, it’s simple as pie to fish whether casting, vertical jigging, or slow-trolling. And unlike some balance jig category baits, the RPM features a unique eyelet that keeps your line from twisting, while imparting lifelike, forage-matching action. Choose from two sizes – the ¼ oz. RPM3 or 3/8 oz. RPM5 – both available in 16 different fish-catching patterns for about $5 apiece.


It’s gardening season. (Or “improving the environment for big bucks season” in Dad’s eyes.) Grow bigger, healthier deer with Evolved’s Rack-Up Trophy Class. Formulated to be the preferred source of minerals for your deer herd, Rack-Up Trophy Class contains more than double the minerals of most other deer mineral products. Rack-Up Trophy Class is loaded with the vital minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and molasses. And at only $12.99, you’ll have money left over to spend on geranium baskets and garden gnomes.

Panfish Products for Pop

YourBobbersDown.com offers perhaps the most impressive collection of hard-to-find, undeniably effective panfish products on the planet. If Dad doesn’t own a Panfish Toothpick (about $2; below) for example, he’s working too hard to remove deeply lodged hooks and jigs. This ingenious, simple device saves fish and preserves his expensive tackle. Check their Fiskas tungsten lures and Little Atom Plastics, too – panfish catchers to the nth degree.


Is yours a cool dad? (Or at least thinks he is?) Play into his hands this Father’s Day with fun and multifunctional headwear. BUFF UV multifunctional headwear delivers all the functionality of the Original multifunctional headwear, then adds built-in-sun protection that blocks up to 95% of UV rays. The COOLMAX PRO fiber wicks moisture and dries fast for comfort on the move and the Polygiene treatment resists odors so you can wear it more and wash it less. The ingenious seamless design minimizes irritation for long-term comfort. Exceptionally adaptable, BUFF UV multifunctional headwear can be worn 12 different ways – from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie – for optimal performance and protection, personalized style, and a perfect fit. Retails for around $25.


Dad’s eyesight ain’t getting any better – hence the dime-store reading glasses and constant squinting. Well, you can’t help with his short-range vision, but you can assist with spying antlers on the horizon line. Hunters and shooters in the market for a rangefinder with true long-range capability will do well to check out the NEW Halo ZIR10X Laser Rangefinder, a well-engineered 1,000-yard model with features well beyond its $200 street price. Delivering accuracy to +/- 1 yard, the Halo ZIR10X automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes with AI​ (Angle Intelligence Technology), which results in the display of a true ballistic distance. Spare the “cheaters” and magnifying glass – go long-range.



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