Call me old school if you like (I prefer the term patriotic), but I’ll never understand why so few citizens of the United States fly the U.S. flag.

In my Minnesota neighborhood, exactly two homeowners out of 26 display the U.S. flag daily – me, and my neighbor two doors down, who just so happens to be our town’s mayor. The mayor has his flag on a front porch flagpole; I have mine on a standalone flagpole in my front yard (pic below).

If you don’t fly the flag, maybe today, June 14, 2017 – Flag Day! – you can take a few minutes to go online and research American-made U.S. flags and buy one for home. Men and women of the U.S. military are fighting this very second to secure your freedoms; the way I see it, the least you can do is show a little respect and fly the U.S. flag.

Of course, some posts on social media today have a Flag Day theme. A few of my favorites are shown below. Happy Flag Day from OutdoorHub!

Top image by Dave Maas

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