Seriously, what did we used to do before trail cameras came along?

This video shows a graphic demonstration of the circle of life and what it takes to survive in the wilderness, some might find the video disturbing.

In a thrilling predator versus prey video, a young fawn must learn quickly the methods of camouflage or it will pay the ultimate price. The fawn emerges from the thick forest, appearing panicked and in a hurry to find a hiding place.

Then, we get a glimpse of what the fawn was running from: a big bobcat with years of hunting experience under its belt. This will surely test the survival skills of the much younger fawn.

Daylight turns to darkness, and this favors the experienced predator. In what looks like a scene from a horror movie, the bobcat picks up a scent and the stalk is on. You can nearly see the cat lock onto its prey before it launches into the brush and ambushes the small deer.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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