Sometimes, it’s the angle that makes all the difference . . .

This is a cool bear hunt video, shot from a unique point of view we aren’t used to seeing, but we wouldn’t mind seeing more!

We’re so used to watching hunting videos taken from treestands, or from the point of view from the hunter, but this video provides you with an entirely new perspective.

The camera is set up behind the bait site, facing toward the hunters sitting in a treestand in the background. (Wave and say hi!)

The video begins with a 518-pound Manitoba color-phase bear in frame, and the hunter lands a perfectly placed shot right through the bear’s vitals. A proper way to end a really cool video; good shooting!

(If you watch closely, you can see the arrow fly toward the bear and then quickly penetrate through the bear’s vitals – really cool camera work!)

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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