Some of the most fascinating videos we see are close encounters with animals, and we found a doozy right here.

Ready for a little Missouri goose wrangling? Cruising along the Missouri River toward Cooper’s Landing, these guys got a close encounter with a couple of geese, and we bet you won’t be able to look away for a second.

You’ll see the geese floating next to the boat as it idles in the water, but once they get the boat up to full throttle (probably 40 mph), it’s a full on high-speed goose chase – literally!

At first, the geese fall behind the boat as it rips down the river, but they soon catch up and fly right along side of it, giving us some incredible close encounter footage. Max (the dog) even had a little fun with it snapping at the wings of the geese as they cruised alongside the boat – bad dog, no bone for you after that.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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