Once a prominent national shooting champion, now a downward spiral of lies and drug use.

That’s the story of Scottsdale gun maker Matthew Burkett, who was arrested in Arizona this week and has been placed in federal detention after testing positive for methamphetamine three times in the past month, the Phoenix New Times reports.

Burkett, who runs the company Predator Tactical, was recently accused of lying to his customers, promising them custom guns that he never built or delivered. Instead, he pocketed the money, likely for reasons that are becoming more clear with this latest news.

Burkett was no question a sharp shooter, with more than 150 state, national, and world competition shooting awards. Even military and law enforcement have learned a thing or two from watching his instructional videos or taking his shooting classes.

The Predator Tactical website has been taken down for seemingly the same reasons, and as of now there’s no indication that it will be back up and running anytime soon.

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