A new Canadian law has been put in place to ensure that Canada treats U.S. boaters the same way America treats Canadian boaters.

The new law states that American boaters who don’t anchor their boat or step foot on Canadian soil don’t have to report to Canadian Customs, New York Upstate reports.

This legislation stems from an incident back in 2011 when Roy Andersen, then-22 years old, was fishing in the Gananoque Narrows on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence River when Canada Border Service agents suddenly surrounded Andersen’s boat and seized it.

Apparently, Andersen and his friend didn’t report to a Canada port of entry upon entering Canadian waters, and it almost cost them big time.

Canadian officials reportedly told the boater he’d have to immediately pay a $1,000 fine or he’d be arrested and his boat would be towed to Canada, where he’d have to pay $25,000 in additional fines.

Luckily for Andersen, once lawmakers got involved, his penalties were reduced to just $1.

To review the reporting requirements for boats in the U.S. and Canada, you can refer to The Great Lakes Cruising Club.

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