Did Rob Lowe just solve bigfoot?

Rob Lowe, while discussing his upcoming TV show on A&E called “The Lowe Files,” said he thought he was going to be killed during an encounter with a bigfoot-like creature in the Ozark Mountains.

Lowe sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the show and how it got started, when he dropped a name that perked our attention; bigfoot – or as the locals in the area call it, a “wood ape.”

Apparently, during a shoot for the show something began to approach their camp, and as Rob tells it, he was “lying on the ground thinking he was going to be killed.” Now, he was very careful not to give away any further details, but that sounds like a pretty intense bigfoot encounter, or sorry. . . wood ape – apparently the locals are touchy about calling it bigfoot.

The Lowe Files is set to premiere Wednesday, August 2 on A&E and will follow along Rob Lowe and his two sons as they explore mysterious phenomena across the country.

Watch below for a sneak peek of the show:

"> Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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