This video of a black bear crashing a camping trip has created quite the debate online with some saying these guys handled the situation correctly, while others say what they did was all wrong.

When the video starts, the black bear had already made its way into the guys’ camp, and was helping itself to whatever it could find to eat. In the meantime, it appears the guys are in the process of packing up all their things and getting out of there, but of course they had to take a few pictures and videos first.

As the video continues, the bear follows the guys all the way to their truck and won’t leave them alone.

The guys took full advantage of the opportunity and were able to get some unbelievable footage with the bear, but did they take it too far? When the video surfaced on Facebook, the comments section was soon flooded with debate about how these guys handled the situation, and we want to know where you stand.

See what you think in the video below:

Playing with a wild animal is never a good idea. It might seem like a harmless decision, but this video should have just spelled it out for you.

When a wild animal approaches you in the woods, all bets are off. When they follow you to your truck when you’re trying to leave, bet you have a problem. When it follows you all the way home, bet the house.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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