As most of you duck hunters and competition shooters know, having quick hands for a fast reload can make all the difference in bagging your limit of birds, or shooting faster than the guy or girl standing next to you.

Well, if you have a StageBerner attached to your gun, there’s a really good chance you’ll be racking shells in your gun way faster than you ever have before.

Basically, the StageBerner attaches to the trigger guard of your gun and allows you to keep two shells in position and ready to be loaded in one swift motion. The StageBerner features two magnets, which hold the shells conveniently in place just in front of the trigger guard until you’re ready to push them into the chamber.

To get an idea of how this system works and the added benefits it provides, watch the short clip below and visit StageBerner for more information:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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