A Florida man swimming at a popular nude beach in Miami, Florida was bitten on both legs by a bull shark, WPLG-TV reports.

Lifeguards at Haulover Beach began signaling immediately for beach goers to get out of the water when they became aware of shark lurking near the beach. But, as people were frantically running out of the water – picture the scene from jaws, but much more risque – one man was bitten on the legs by the 4 to 5 foot bull shark, a spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said.

One witness told Local 10 News, “It started getting closer to the people at the sandbar and they tried to get out.” “One guy, it went straight towards him and bit his leg, pulled him, gave him a little tug, and I was freaking out.”

After the attack, the victim was able to get out of the water with the help of some lifeguards, and he was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Image is a screenshot from the Local 10 News video

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