A mistaken identity led to a shooting on the side of a road in Mason County, Washington.

According to WTKR, it all started when the victim was confronted by the suspect who mistook a dead raccoon that the victim was dragging down the road for a dog. From the sound of it, things escalated quickly from there and the suspect reportedly ran the man over and shot him in the leg.

Apparently, the victim was planning on using the already-dead raccoon as bait to put in his crab pot, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office said.

Several people called to report the man dragging the animal down the road, so Mason County sheriff’s deputies responded and the man said he was broke and planned to used the raccoon he’d found in a creek as bait to catch crabs.

The deputies said that was legal, and sent the man on his way. They offered him a ride to wherever he was going, but he would only accept if he could bring the raccoon. Due to the rancid smell of the animal – that had been dead for some time – the deputies declined.

A suspect has since been arrested for the shooting after an anonymous tip led the sheriff’s office to the suspect and his truck located in Fircrest.

Image is a screenshot from the WTKR News video

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