So you call yourself a fisherman, huh? Do you think you could catch a fish on this bizarre looking fishing pole?

In this video, we get a look at how fishing was done in Korea way back in the 1700’s. Using a gyeonji – a 300 year-old traditional Korean fishing pole – Jung-Hoon Park gets back to his roots with the only traditional fishing method known in Korea.

Now, I’ve heard of some bizarre methods to catch a fish, and I’ve even tried my hand at what I thought was a bizarre style of fishing in cane pole fishing, but this looks like a whole new ball game.

The Gyeonji rod has a special function that allows an angler to catch a big fish in a rather rapid river or stream. “It’s a completely manual process, and you control the fight against the fish with your own skills,” Jung-Hoon says.

It looks a lot like fly fishing, but at the same time, it appears to be like no other fishing method we’ve ever seen. Would you be willing to spend an afternoon wetting a line with this rod?

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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