After a hard fought fight with Michigan’s Natural Resource Commission, hunters in favor of adding antler point restrictions (APRs) throughout the state of Michigan were denied following a meeting in Lansing on Thursday, MLive reports.

It was a chance for hunters in favor of APRs to voice their reasoning one last time in hopes of swaying a decision in their favor, and they delivered their message with passion.

“There were some really good points made, but not every area in the state will grow three (antler points) on a side,” Michigan DNR director Keith Creagh said, referencing the requested minimum points.

When facing a decision like this, Creagh said, “It’s not as straight-forward as either side says. It really is about a quality deer hunting experience and how you do that in a landscape.”

So, it sounds like the decision was made in the best interest of Michigan hunters; where do you stand on this ruling?


Image courtesy pixabay

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