A highway near Depoe Bay, Oregon looks like it got hit by a giant loogie after a truck carrying slime eels overturned and lost its load.

The Oregon State Police were on the scene after 7,500 pounds of slime eels were spilled on Highway 101, and they were quick to ask the question on everybody’s mind: how will this smell in the next few days?

Apparently, the truck failed to stop after being advised by an Oregon DOT worker and a shift in weight caused the truck to flip. One container of the eels went flying across the highway covering the southbound lanes, and the rest spilled into the northbound lanes, covering the whole roadway in a slimy, fishy, goo.

“Cleanup on aisle 101,” the Oregon State Police wrote in a tweet:

The Oregon Department of Transportation called in a bulldozer to help clean up the mess and you probably won’t want to be eating when you watch this video:

These eels were reportedly headed to be shipped to South Korea, where they are a delicacy.

“The slime is a protein based mucous produced by glands along each side of the eel’s body that forms the slime when mixed with water,” the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife tweeted.

Image courtesy Twitter

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