The aurora borealis, (or northern lights) is nature’s most-elusive and spectacular light show, and Michiganders recently got a front row seat to the phenomenon when the lights appeared over the Mackinac Bridge between 2:30 and 3:15 a.m. Monday morning (July 17, 2017) .

This spectacular display of lights was reportedly captured by Dustin Dilworth of D3 Imagery. You can see more of his work here.

Being from Michigan, I might be slightly biased when I say this is one of the coolest images I’ve ever seen, but I mean come on, how cool is that?!

Dustin, however, was not the only Michigander with his camera lens pointed to the sky during this spectacular display. Several other images have been spreading on social media since the lights flashed through the sky, like this one snapped by Twitter user “Isaac JC Diener” in Hancock, located next to Houghton in the Upper Peninsula:

Here’s a time lapse video of the event:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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