This video is wild, and it will make you feel totally uncomfortable when you see how fast this snake appears to swallow a whole deer.

Watch the snake slither this deer down its throat in one gulp, but watch closely to see if you notice anything strange:

Hasn’t that python ever heard the expression “eat slow, taste the vanilla?” I guess in this case it would be eat slow taste the backstraps, but either way that snake didn’t taste anything the way it packed that deer down its gullet.

Now, did you notice anything odd about the video? If you watch closely when the men are patting the snake, it actually becomes apparent that the video is being played in reverse, and the snake is actually regurgitating the deer.

Regardless, it just shows you that these animals eyes are much larger than their stomachs, and there’s really no prey too large that they won’t try to shove it down their gullet.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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