From 1987-1991, I worked as an instructor for Al and Ron Lindner (founders of In-Fisherman) at an amazing place called Camp Fish. Even though more than 25 years have passed, I’m still great friends with many former staff members.

While Al and Ron have started a new fishing empire called Angling Edge, Al’s son, Troy Lindner (who I remember as a 10-year-old camper), is part of the team bringing back Camp Fish.

Want to learn how to catch bass on your home waters? Then visit Camp Fish. Shown here is the author’s son, Elliott, with a largemouth bass taken from one of the Camp Fish lakes recently.

And here’s the best news: The inaugural adult/child session is taking place in Walker, Minnesota, at the original Camp Fish location on Long Lake. Why is that important? Let me just say this . . . I’ve fished a nearly uncountable number of lakes in the Midwest, and I’ve never seen any place you can reach by car or truck with the fine fishing available on Long Lake. And here’s some insider info: Long Lake is connected to Lake May, which is also teaming with largemouth bass, crappies, pike and more.

The author’s son, Luke, with a 14-inch crappie taken this July from one of the Camp Fish lakes.

How do I know these lakes are still as great as they were in the late 1980s and early 1990s? Because I was just there with my family in early July. My wife, two sons and I focused on crappies and bass, and we hammered them. This system of lakes was fantastic 25 years ago, and it will be again for this Camp Fish adult/child session. As a bonus, if you want to target other area lakes (there are something like 300 lakes within a 30-mile drive of Walker, MN), you simply tell that to your guide and he’ll make it happen.

The brochure below contains many of the details of the August 6-9, 2017, adult/child session. You can also call 800-378-5095 for more info and to reserve your spot.

Several of my former Camp Fish buddies are involved in the relaunch of this instructional camp, and you’ll have a great time if you attend. Space is limited, and I know that Troy Lindner and my other friends are keeping the total number of guests small so they can ensure that everyone has a good time with plenty of individual instruction. You’ll fish a lot, you’ll learn from the best, and it will be a summer vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime.

I wouldn’t trade my time at Camp Fish for anything. Check it out because the summer clock is ticking!

The author with a decent-size Camp Fish crappie.

Fishing images by Dave Maas

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