A flock of sheep was apparently chased off a cliff in the Pyrenees, and a brown bear is thought to be the prime suspect.

The Guardian is reporting that over 200 sheep hurled themselves off a steep cliff, which sits directly on the border between France and Spain. It sounds like this was a panicked reaction after the predator initially attacked one sheep in the flock and the rest freaked out and plunged 650 feet to their deaths.

The bodies of the sheep were later found in both France and in the Spanish village of Lladorre.

Folks started pointing fingers at a grizzly bear after the Spanish news station Europa Press reported finding bear fur on one of the sheep at the bottom of the mountain.

This incident has provoked an angry response, primarily from farmers raising livestock in the mountain region. Brown bears – a protected species in Spain – have been reintroduced to the area over a time span of 3 decades, and from the sound of this bizarre story, it sounds like the population is right on its way to recovering in a hurry.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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