Florida man is back at it again.

A Lakeland man was arrested and faces charges for killing a trapped alligator, cutting off its tail, then attempting to sell the meat to neighbors, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports.

State alligator trapper Robb Upthegrove discovered the dead gator in his trap and was obviously upset. Then, he noticed the gator had been mutilated and its tail was gone.

“It had multiple stabs to its head, and its tail was missing and it was diseased,” Upthegrove reportedly said.

According to Fox 13, Shawn Sparks, 33, and Christy Vincent, 27, (Florida man’s girlfriend) could spend up to 5 years in prison following their arrest by state wildlife officers.

Multiple neighbors said the couple visited their house that night looking for a buyer for the gator Sparks allegedly poached.

Gator meat can sell for somewhere around $12 to $15 a pound, however, they’re protected by state and federal laws, so they can be hunted only in season and you MUST have a state license.

Image is a screenshot from the Fox13 News video

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