It’s the question that gets asked all the time – who is the true ruler of the ocean, croc or shark?

Well, a recent video taken by filmmakers on a fishing charter boat in Australia might have the answer.

Christian Kennedy and Jadranko Silic were reportedly out fishing in the Kimberly, tossing fish scraps overboard when they were suddenly surrounded by sharks. Not long after the sharks, a giant crocodile appeared at the back of the boat.

Kennedy explains how the clash between these two marine predators ensued after the croc pulled a sneak attack on a shark that was going for a fish scrap:

“The huge saltwater croc approached the feeding frenzy of sharks. But it wasn’t interested in the fish scraps, it just lay in the water patiently waiting…then suddenly, as a shark swam up to grab a fish scrap, the croc grabbed the shark and dragged it away to nearby mangroves.”

Mr. Kennedy said everyone was “pretty amazed” by this marine wrestling match, including himself, saying he’s “never seen a croc catch a shark before.” Certainly that’s not something you see every day, even if you do live in Australia.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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