Trigger finger a little slow? Well, there might be a fix for that, if you’re willing to look like RoboCop and wear one of these.

Introducing the AutoGlove. It’s a “Trigger Assist Device” (TAD) that will mechanically manipulate the trigger at whatever rate of speed you desire. The speeds available for the AutoGlove include: single, three-round burst, or continuous fire, shooting at rates past 1,000 rounds per minute. It’s designed to turn semiautomatic firearms into fully automatic firearms, and the power lies right within your hand.

Before you check the calendar to see if this is some April Fools joke, take a look at the video to see this thing in action:


Now, you’re probably sitting there asking out loud, “How is this legal?”

Well, by visiting the companies FAQ page, they plead their case by stating: “The idea is not to thumb our nose at the Federal Government, our intent is to comply with the existing laws and make an accessory that can be used on firearms (since our product was submitted for patent for various products to include firearms) and create a fun experience for the shooter.”

That’s all good, but a “fun experience” should never outweigh safety. Do you think AutoGlove pushes the limits of safe firearm use too far? What are your thoughts on this product?


UPDATE: The ATF has determined that the device is a machine gun on the basis that it is ” a combination of parts designed to convert a firearm into a machine gun”. You can read the full letter here.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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