A Massachusetts man is going after firearms manufacturer Glock Inc., among other companies, in federal court after he says a pistol exploded in his hands. He is now suing for $1 million.

Mass Live reports plaintiff Rodney MacDonald, back in 2012, was on a hunting trip when he fired the gun and it blew apart, sending shrapnel flying into his face and body.

“The Plaintiff fired two shots from the gun without incident. On the third shot, the gun exploded/blew apart while the Plaintiff was holding the gun and firing it,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015, but a handful of delays plus an already slow court system caused this case to slip through without one single hearing until just recently.

However, the fact that this incident occurred back in 2012, and Mr. MacDonald is just now taking legal action, smells awfully funny.

It’s also worth noting here, the list of companies that were originally stated in the complaint: in no particular order, Georgia-based Glock, Inc., which manufactured the 10 mm firearm referenced in this case; Guns and Gear, a firearm retailer in Agawam, where the pistol was purchased; Buffalo Bore Ammunition, Inc., manufacturer of the ammunition used in the gun at the time of the incident; and Cabela’s Wholesale Inc., which sold the ammo, according to court documents.

Guns and Gear was later axed from the lawsuit, according to court filings.

These claims are no stranger to Glock though, and they intend to defend the case in front of a federal court judge.

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