Michigan, we have a problem . . .

We came across this video on Facebook today, and it gave us a sinking feeling in our stomach.

Right now, Michigan is at war with an invasive species, and this video right here should serve as great motivation for officials to fight back. (Be sure to turn up the volume to get the full effect of the mayhem.)

The good news is Gov. Rick Snyder has announced a program that calls for “innovative solutions to prevent invasive carp from entering the Great Lakes.”

Basically, the state is looking for any and all solutions to help combat these fish. If you have any bright ideas, don’t be shy, because we sure don’t want our Great Lakes looking like that video!

“Invasive carp pose a serious and growing threat to the economy and ecology of our Great Lakes,” Snyder said. “The Invasive Carp Challenge will tap into the creativity and expertise of the entrepreneurial community to find the best ways to protect Michigan’s most prized natural resource.”

Written proposals will be accepted online through InnoCentive’s Challenge Center through Oct. 31, 2017. One or more solutions will share up to $700,000 in cash awards provided by the State of Michigan. Once registered, solvers can see a detailed description of the challenge, review existing deterrent technologies for invasive carp and submit their proposed solutions.

Learn more about the Invasive Carp Challenge by visiting: www.michigan.gov/carpchallenge.

Image courtesy Michigan DNR

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