Did this guy’s pants just ghost-fire on him?

That’s what appears to have happened during this range session, and luckily, someone had a camera rolling when it happened, because you’ll have to watch this a few times in order to catch it.

In the video, a man is seen firing some rounds at a set of three targets at an indoor gun range. What happens next has sparked some serious debate online.

Here’s the video (be sure to turn up the volume):

While the shooter is engaging the targets, watch carefully at his left short’s pocket. During one of his shooting sequences, his shorts twitch ever so slightly, and you can even see a bullet fragment drop right next to him.

Initially, folks wrote it off thinking it was just a ricochet from downrange, but something more mysterious was at work here.

See, the bullet did in fact go off in his pocket, and it’s tough to say exactly why/how this could happen. Comments have been flooding in with possible suggestions, but if you think you know what could have caused this cartridge to go off, feel free to drop a comment!

For those concerned about the status of his shorts, here’s a photo of the aftermath:

He’s definitely going to need new stitching after that . . .

And here’s a picture of the bullet fragment that was found:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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