Kyle Meyers – maybe you know him better as FPSRussia, a fairly popular YouTube gun personality. Still not ringing any bells?  Perhaps this stunt he pulled will jar your memory:

Oh yeah, him.

Well, according to a post on his subreddit, he apparently spent a couple days in jail recently and finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation.


Based on unconfirmed internet rumors, it sounds like Kyle was involved in a scenario where someone sent him THC oil through the mail, and upon receiving the package at his home, he was arrested on felony drug charges.

Now, there’s a lot of ways this case could go, but initially, it looks like Kyle will take a defensive stance and claim he did not order, or have any knowledge of the package being delivered.

Of course, he will have to prove all of that in a federal court room, but if this ends up going bad for him, FPSRussia could end up losing his gun rights.

Here’s FPSRussia shooting a double barreled pump shotgun:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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