This is the real reason why Michigan doesn’t want Asian carp anywhere near the Great Lakes . . .

Forget the fact that these fish multiply by the thousands, and will completely eradicate food sources for other gamefish in the Great Lakes, but now it appears they’re evolving to feed twice as much!

Okay, in reality we don’t know how this happened, but it appears to be some sort of birth defect causing two fish to be conjoined at the head. This is far from your average looking fish, and it almost looks like a combination between a largemouth bass and a big head carp (a species of Asian carp.)

Either way, it’s freaky, disgusting, and if this is the type of baggage this fish species brings along with it, hopefully someone in the Mitten State can come up with a solution to stop these fish soon!

Holy Mother of Carp 

Image is a screenshot from the Imgur video

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