A video from Newsflare showed a ticked off crocodile at a farm in South Africa attacking and biting a man’s foot after he poked the animal one too many times with a large stick.

According to LiveLeak, however, this gator had a reason for being so grumpy. See, that guy, Peter Watson, is the owner of Crocodile Creek, and that means he’s tasked with collecting the croc’s eggs. And no crocodile is prepared to do that without putting up a major hissy fit.

As Watson approaches the croc, she makes sure to let Peter know of her intentions if he keeps getting closer, but Peter must keep going.

The crocodile wastes no time, and runs straight at Watson, grabbing his foot and violently shaking it.

At the end of the attack, Watson suffered some pretty serious bite marks on his foot, but was otherwise uninjured.

Image is a screenshot from the LiveLeak video

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