Going through tough times is part of life, so when you’re faced with your next battle, ask yourself this question: Are you a caribou or an elk?

Before your look at us sideways, take a few minutes to read an inspiring blog post from Tiffany Lakosky about her battle with cancer, and how that simple question from her husband, Lee, was enough to motivate her to take cancer head on and beat it.

In case you missed it, please head over to our Facebook page for all of the LIVE details. Earlier this Summer, shortly after delivering Raygen, I was diagnosed with carcinosarcoma, a rare but highly treatable cancer of the uterus. We tackled it head on and aggressively all Summer with chemo, and after my last treatment this Friday I will be cancer free for 4 weeks!!! Upon hearing the news, Lee said to me: "Tiffany, are you a caribou or an elk? I looked at him puzzled. "You can hit a caribou in the leg and he will lay down with no will to live (from hunting we have experienced this) or you can hit an elk perfectly behind the shoulder and double lung him and he will run for miles; they are a strong animal with an amazing will to live. So which are you? A caribou or an elk?" In an instant, I knew. I said: "I Am An Elk." Between God's glory, family and friend's unwavering support, we have beat this. The good folks at @venor.life have designed these beautiful custom #IAmAnElk leggings (swipe left) with all proceeds going towards cancer research. The link is on our profile to help us #CRUSHCancer! Thank you for being the best fans out there. Be kind to everyone you meet, for you never know who is fighting a hard battle. #IAmAnElk #CRUSHCancer Tiffany

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It’s truly an uplifting and heartwarming story, and of course, we’re so glad to hear Tiffany’s numbers have plummeted and she’s almost done with her chemo therapy treatment!

Follow this link right here to get to Tiffany’s blog; it’s absolutely worth the read.

You really are an elk, Mrs. Lakosky, and a huge inspiration for so many. Hunt on Tiffany!

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