There’s losing a fish, and then there’s having a fish ripped away from you, this is definitely an example of the latter . . .

A couple sharks were caught on camera stealing fish right off the line of two angling expeditions in Cape Cod Bay over the weekend, but that’s hardly the craziest part of this story.

According to The Boston Herald, this was just another day at the office for Captain Hap Farrell. However, for the folks reeling in the fish, they were in for a little surprise.

Captain Farrell told to the Herald, “It’s not unusual for sharks to do that, especially great whites,” but the fact that it happened on the very same day and he was able to get both on video, is pretty neat.

See both trips in the video below (be sure to turn up the volume), and watch for the second shark to put on a little more of a show than the first one:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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