It appears Glock’s Generation 5 might be revealed to us sooner than you may have expected. A photo posted by a law enforcement officer to the Glock Talk forums shows a slip marked “Gen 5,” and the officer claims he was able to pre-order a Glock 17 Gen 5 through his dealer. The photo of the pre-order slip can be seen below:


This is where things get real interesting:

Another image was seen on Facebook, promoting an upcoming “Launch Party” for the new Glock model, and all signs point to the new firearm being revealed sometime by the end of August 2017.

Gen 5
Image courtesy Royal Range USA

According to the Facebook page, the reveal of this new firearm will be held at Royal Range USA, in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a screenshot of the details on the Facebook invitation page:

While the reveal date has seemingly been exposed, the official look of the new Gen 5 is still widely unknown. We say “official,” because it would seem likely that Glock would use a similar model of the XM17 MHS model they submitted to the U.S. Army.

Image courtesy Facebook

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