Apparently this is footage of the Pennsylvania white bigfoot, and YouTuber Bigfoot Tony is going to analyze this video for you. Enjoy!

According to the legend, the Pennsylvania white bigfoot was first seen in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania, in the 1070s. A witness said she saw a creature that stood between 6 and 7-feet tall, with dirtied, white fur covering its face.

In this video, as the camera light hits the creature’s face, it quickly ducks and moves away.

When the video first hit the internet, some viewers pointed out some bizarre facts, which are hard to dispute. For one, the creature’s massive body proportion, the long limbs, and most importantly, its face appears to contort as it turns and runs away – that’s no mask!

This is the enhanced version, so get ready to see some prime squach footage:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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