A Montana woman was taken by surprise one afternoon when she looked out in her backyard and saw a bear having a high-time in her waterfall/koi pond.

The woman, Cynthia Paugh St Charles, posted the video to her Facebook account, and said the bear was just a few steps from her backdoor. As you’ll see in the video, the young bear was apparently seeking out food and water, which was found in abundance at this little swim up seafood and salad bar.

The bear hangs out for a little while, munches on some of Cynthia’s landscape, and then decides it’s time to move out.

Something tells us, however, with such fine accommodations, this bear has earmarked this little oasis for another visit in the near future. We’ll see how long this goes on until DNR officers are forced to intervene. A bear running around a rural area like this, and showing no signs of fear for humans, is a dangerous situation for residents in that area.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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