Judge, jury, and executioner.

A judge in Ohio was the victim of an ambush attack right outside his courthouse that ended after the judge and another officer returned fire, killing the attacker, authorities said.

According to ABC News, Judge Joseph Bruzzese’s morning started out with a suspect running up to him in the Jefferson County courthouse parking lot, and began shooting at him as he approached the courthouse. Reports say Bruzzese, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his gun and fired at least five shots at the attacker.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla told reporters this was no freak coincidence, “This individual laid in wait for our judge,” Abdalla said fighting back tears. “It just hurts. First thing on Monday morning, you have a judge shot in front of his courthouse . . . this was an ambush and an attempted murder on our judge.”

Abdalla described Bruzzese as an avid hunter and outdoorsman. The sheriff was apparently the one who urged Bruzzese to carry a weapon with him in the first place to “protect himself from all the nutcases around the country.”

Bruzzese was reportedly taken to a hospital by helicopter and was admitted to surgery right away. WTOV9 reports Bruzzese was aware and talking after the incident and is said to be in stable condition.

One suspect was shot and killed during the altercation, and a second suspect (the driver) has been taken into custody.

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