Video: 6-Point Velvet Buck Uses Wisconsin Man’s Leg to Scratch Antlers


You know you did “leg day” correctly when you walk out of the gym and a buck decides to rub its velvet antlers on you . . .

When this Wisconsin man stepped out of the gym one morning, he was met by a 6-point buck in velvet that confirmed he just had a killer workout – see, all those squats really do make a difference!

If you’ve been keeping your eye on your calendar, you know it’s just about that time for bucks to start shedding the velvet on their racks, and this all but confirms that.

Dave Bernarde started shooting video as he approached the deer, and what happens next will blow your mind:

(be sure to turn up the video volume for best viewing)

Dave posted the video to his Facebook with this as the description:

“Okay, so this happened this morning. One of my morning workout buddies said the 6 point buck that had been seen around town was just outside. I went to look and watched him for a while. He seemed interested so I went closer and then this happened. Never in my life did I think this was possible.”

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