Video: This Guy Fishing with a Power Drill is an Angler from the Future


We’re all for trying new methods of fishing, and while we say that, we’re all fishing in 2017 while this angler is fishing in 3017 . . .

There are already a lot of different rod and reel variations that anglers use to catch fish. There’s your standard push-button reel (spincast), which opens the door to spinning and baitcasting reels, or you may opt to catch them on the fly using a fly rod and reel. A lot of the decision to use a certain style rod-and-reel combo depends on the species of fish your chasing, your lure and line of choice, as well as other factors.

But what about ditching the rod and reel concept entirely?

This guy did, and well, see for yourself how it worked for him . . . (be sure to turn up the video volume for best viewing)

How cool was that?

Now, while this method might work great for ripping panfish out of the water in a hurry, we’d be curious to see whether this power drill could yank a big northern pike out of the weeds.

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