Video: Hurricane Hawk Seeks Refuge in Houston Taxi


A hawk in Texas, bracing for Hurricane Harvey, hitched a ride with a Texas cab driver, and has become a hit on YouTube.

Houston cab driver William Bruso made a series of 10 videos on YouTube after gaining the winged sidekick, who he says refused to leave after hopping in his car on Friday.

Apparently, Bruso was stocking up on some survival supplies ahead of the catastrophic storm, when he returned to his vehicle to find the bird starring back at him from the passenger seat.

Here’s the first of 10 videos:

It was inevitable that this bird of prey refugee earned the nickname “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk” from Bruso, and the name seemed to stick after people started seeing the videos.

Eventually, an officer with the Texas Wildlife Rehab Coalition (TWRC) came to retrieve the hawk, because it’s a wild animal and needs professional care. Bruso posted the last video with the title: “FINAL UPDATE! Sgnt Harvey is in GREAT hands now!”

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