Video: Jesse Watters Falls for Fake Photo of a Shark Swimming Down Houston Highway


Fox News host Jesse Watters proved why you should never fall for what you see on the internet when he fell for a fake photo of a shark swimming down a flooded highway during a live broadcast.

Watters was covering the destruction caused by Harvey when he began discussing the weird “biblical things” he saw on social media, including gators and sharks(?)

“I’ve seen some amazing things out there just looking at television,” Watters stated on “The Five” on Monday night. “Alligators on people’s back-door steps. I saw a shark on a highway swimming in the water.”

Here’s the photo Watters was referring to:

This photo was quickly debunked as a fake, however, and in fact seems to pop up anytime there’s a flood, anywhere.

Watters later realized the error he made, and promptly apologized for spreading shark rumors.

Harvey has dropped over 50″ of rain on Houston over the span of less than a week, and more is still on the way. The death toll continues to climb and mass evacuations are underway.

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