Elk Hunter has Gruesome Run-In with an Angry Grizzly Bear


An elk hunter in Montana had a gruesome run-in with a grizzly bear, and judging by the photos, he’s extremely lucky to be alive.

According to the Facebook post, Tom Sommer received 90 stitches in his head after a grizzly charged him and his bear spray failed to work. Apparently, Tom ran from the bear and tried to use a tree to separate himself from the angry bear, but it eventually chased him down.

Tom was able to get his pistol out, but lost it when the bear viciously lashed at him, and knocked him to the ground.

By now the bear was on top of Tom, and it sank its teeth right into his thigh. The bear then put Tom’s head in its mouth, and Tom said he could hear his skull cracking. He thought to himself, “This is it,” and tried to shoot the bear in the neck with his head between the bear’s jaws.

Just then, Tom’s friend blasted the grizzly with bear spray at 2 feet, and that was all it took for the bear to run off.

Four hours later, after a 5-mile mule ride out, Tom made it to a hospital in Ennis, Montana, and is supposedly in great spirits.

Be careful out there elk hunters!

You can see the rest of Tom’s injuries below, but we must warn you, they are very graphic:

(WARNING: Graphic images, content NSFW)

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